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You found this website and blog post because you either read the blog “Counting The Cost” or you followed an email invitation (or someone may have directed you here).

This is where we are gathering as “Seekers” in the examination of Religion and Spirituality.  But our search has been narrowed somewhat by the context of “Christian Faith” and “Basics of the Christian Religion.”  If you want to refresh the approach, simply visit (or return to) and read the entry A Circle Begins

You will approach the subject through a course of study.  What we are offering here, is a course which includes six subjects, each including lectures on 8-10 basic themes.  The methodology is also basic: relatively brief audio lectures with note-taking and comprehension quizzes.  There is no pass or fail; there are no grades.  You will measure how much of the content you have grasped, and it will be up to you to decide if you are in the right place for the search.

The six subjects are as follow:

  1. the Christian Faith
  2. the Existence of God
  3. the Incarnation (Jesus Christ)
  4. the Choice: Christ or Religion
  5. the Bible
  6. the Resurrection of Jesus


ZOOM:  The first thing you will  need to do is to be sure that you have your free “Zoom” Account.  Sign up; it’s free.  At

The place we will meet each week is in a Zoominary room, and once you register you will be granted access to the room AND to the first subject: “The Christian Faith.”   Please note: once you have signed up for a Zoom account, you will be notified of the “zoominar” in which we will gather for our meetings as a class.

SIGN UP: The  second task for registration is to actually register for the course.

The cost for the course is modest: $12.00 (Twelve dollars).  The reason we charge $12.00 is that we want people to make a commitment.  If, after starting the course, you decide you want to resign, then you may request and receive a full refund.  We use PayPal.  If you complete all six subjects, and you still believe you should receive a refund, then you will be refunded $10.00.  We believe that is fair.  When you are ready to pay (and gain access to the first course AND receive your link for the weekly seminar on Zoominary, then send your registration of $12.00 (US) to  (That is the PayPal address).

Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive instructions for the course content.

ENROLL: The third thing you will need to do is to sign up for the class at our affiliate website.  (Again, you will receive instructions for setting up your account after you have registered for the course and paid your registration fee of $12.00.  Note: there are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for the course).

COURSE COMPLETION: When you complete this course, you will be offered an opportunity to join our “Followers” course sequence.  But you will not receive a flood of emails, and your personal information and email address will never be shared with anyone.

Call Dr. Bob Harris (770-815-9078 EST)  if you have any questions, or send a personal email to

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